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Matt, love the work you’ve done with HP and Jaguar, those deadlines sure looked tough. I actually have worked with Jaguar in the past, helped them redesign their site.

If I could help you fix your data problems, would that be worth a chat?

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We are an e-commerce agency who love the work of Stellar Widgets LTD. UK and I wanted to introduce us!

We at EcommerceRus take quality and importance over our growing clients…

If I could help you fix your data problems, would that be worth a chat?

Proptech Case Study

By using personalised introductions, in a highly targeted campaign, we managed to create massive results in a short time, sending campaigns every 2 weeks.

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Revenue Generated


Guaranteed Opportunities

Highly qualified sales meetings
£ 2,000
  • 10 Meetings booked in your calendar
  • Human researched customised emails per prospect
  • Easily integrates with your booking and CRM systems
  • Expert copywriters and CRM specialists who know outreach

how it works

The simple process for boosting your lead generation efforts.

Email Set up

Set one of our team up as an email alias on your company domain name or a similar one for cold outreach.

cold email targeting

Persona Creation and targeting

Generate a buyer persona and targeting filters to generate a list of highly qualified leads and accounts.

Curate targeted data

We carefully select a handful of targeted leads and start our research process.

cold email

create Personalised email copy

We create personalised email campaigns for the leads, getting your approval for a small sample before sending.

We send the campaigns

We handle all outbound conversations, unsubscribes and leads, leaving your sales team to pick up the warm conversations.

cold email company
cold email results

We Book Meetings And Report back to you

We send over booked calendar meetings/calls and only booked, non-cancelled meetings count towards your monthly goal.

We Generate opportunities and send them to you

We work with sales teams and marketing departments where needed, to generate demos, meetings and phone calls so that you can focus on closing deals.

Simple Set Up

Consistently Get up to 20 opportunities per month

The way we work is in guaranteed opportunities based on the filters and criteria set in the statement of work. We work hard to find your perfect leads and send them insightful, useful and relevant information to generate an introduction and opportunity for your sales team.

Cold Email In A Nutshell

When customers think of cold emails, what is the first word that pops up in their mind?


Yet, when customers of our clients think of cold emails, ‘Spam’ is not even the last word to cross their minds; instead they think of the ‘value’ they are about to get and hence, can’t wait to open the email.

Equipped with a team qualified and proficient in crafting a bespoke email copy for your business, we, at Webstem stand tall and distinct from all.

For us, a cold email system does not mean hundreds of information-packed emails sent out in mere days. That, is definitely spam.

Instead, with our experience and knowledge in these changing times, we recognize that writing an effective email copy triumphs over a lengthy and informative email.

Bringing our expertise to your business, we take over the art of cold emailing by composing a copy that is engaging, specific, and attractive enough to boost conversions and make a lasting impression, leaving your clients wanting for more.

Cold emails are a key aspect of email marketing, and they continue to gain acclaim with the passage of time.

Yet – what is email marketing and what is the buzz about cold emailing?

A cold email is like cold calling, only much less obtrusive. It refers to reaching out to a potential customer, in hopes to generate leads and sell your product. The recipient of the email has no prior relationship with your business, whatsoever.

Why Opt for Cold Emailing?

Click-through rates in the UK experienced a staggering rise in 2019, when they shot up from a meagre 0.9% to a massive 2.4%.

At the same time, Unsubscribe rates declined from a 2.4% to a mere 0.2%.

The UK market – is ready for cold emails and it is one strategy that can help you scale your business, increasing your customer base and turnover.

Our Unique Cold Email Services

Up to date with recent advances in the email marketing genre, we at Webstem are well-known for our effective cold emailing services.

Our experienced and professional email marketers, unique cold emailing techniques, and state of the art technologies as well as tools allow to deliver results consistently.

We are continuing to gain global acclaim as the world begins to realize the importance of email marketing in the dynamic digital age of today.

Email Copy

A good email copy is like the cover to your book. It can attract others to explore your business.

By crafting a simple, specific, and effective email copy, we ensure higher open rates, greater click-throughs, and an increased conversion-rate.  

Cold Email Outreach

Identifying your target audience, a customized mailing list will be created for your enterprise, and its members contacted in a non-intrusive and strategic manner.


Post-launch of your cold email campaign, follow-ups will be cautiously maintained, and weekly progress reports monitored and reported to ensure adherence to your email marketing goals.

Frequently Asked

If you still have a few lingering confusions about cold emails, go-through the FAQs below:

What does ‘Cold Email’ mean?

Simply put, a ‘cold email’ is an email sent to a recipient you have not had any prior contact with. An efficient tool in the B2B world, it can turn into a highly effective marketing technique if utilized correctly.

Is Cold Email Spam?

Often confused to be spam, cold emailing is actually vastly different.

While a spam email is usually generic, automated, lacks audience research, and highly impersonal, a cold email, or a good cold email – is the opposite.

A cold email is sent after thorough target audience identification, has a personalized touch (e.g. your name and subject), and most importantly, an opt-out/unsubscribe option.

How can we ensure our Cold Email does not end up in Spam?

Although there is no sure-fire way to do this, a few options include personalization, refrainment from usage of certain phrases, and sending emails through reputable, warmed-up domains.

Is Cold Email Illegal?

There is a set of rules to follow when sending an email to a previously unknown contact.

This primarily encompasses of the GDPR in Europe and CAN SPAM in USA and Canada.

As long as you follow these rules – your cold email is completely legal and does not invite fines.

Does Cold Emailing violate GDPR?

As long as your email is to a targeted audience that might have interest in your product or service – it does not violate GDPR.

Does Cold Emailing violate CAN SPAM laws?

No, it doesn’t as long as the provisions of the law are met.

However, if you aren’t well-versed with the law, a good option can be to outsource cold emailing for a safer option.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

This describes cold emails sent after great target audience identification and marketing strategy planning. The emails are to attract potential customers to a product or service, and go from open rates to click-throughs and eventually conversions – resulting in a greater ROI when used as part of a greater digital marketing plan.

What is better; Cold Emailing or Calling?

Both are great marketing tools if utilized correctly. A blend of both could prove highly effective for your enterprise.

Is it difficult to write a good Cold Email?

The long and short answer to this – Yes.

A good cold email doesn’t adhere to a pre-defined template. It is crafted, like artwork, customized to the ideals of the enterprise. Thus, it encompasses numerous components apart from personalization only, to ensure the email doesn’t end up in the spam folder.

Should Cold Emails always be personalized?

Ideally, yes.

A personalized email does not come off as generic or automated – which can be an immediate put-off.

Should Cold Emails include images and videos?

It is not advisable. While pictures and videos can cause formatting issues, they also give the email an e-newsletter look; something we don’t want.

What is the length of a good cold email?

Remember, people rarely have the time or energy to read long, unwanted content.

Keep it short and engaging – define your own appropriate word limit.

How Can I ensure recipients open and read the cold email?

To enhance open rate and readability, keep your cold emails concise and engaging. Keep it concise, personalized, and get your message across in the first two lines.

Also, note the time for sending emails – morning works for those who check inboxes before commencing work, and evenings are good for a post-work email check.

Do I need to outsource my Cold Emailing?

It is your choice. However, with our expertise and experience at Webstem, outsourcing to us can pave the way for you to lead the market – one cold email at a time.

What makes the Cold Email Services of Webstem unique?

Representing an organization that grew on the basis of its email marketing strategy, we know what works in this digital age, and what doesn’t.

With a team qualified and proficient in copywriting, our cold emails are one of the best. It is not only us that say this – but we have testimonials to prove it!

Who writes the Cold Emails at Webstem?

Our team of expert copywriters know the ins and outs of drafting the perfect email copy for you.

I think my email domain is badly reputed. Can you check?

Yes, we can!

If needed, we can also set warmed up domains for you – to ensure your cold emails don’t trigger spam.

I bought an email list. Can we use it for Cold Emailing?

This is not advisable. Email lists are bought and sold multiple times, and rarely have content directly valid for your business. Instead, we can create lists for you after thorough research of your target market.

Do you check email addresses before sending Cold Emails?

Yes. Bouncing emails can hurt deliverability rates – thus we ensure the email addresses are valid.

How do you gauge the effectiveness of a Cold Email Campaign?

Bounce rate, open rate, response rate, and conversion rate are some of the many metrics used.

How can I contact you for more information about Cold Email services?

Feel free to reach out to us by booking a call here.